Friday, November 10, 2006

When in Venice...

Venice can be somewhat of a conundrum when it comes to finding affordable accommodation.

Hostels and backpackers are either nonexistent or horrible. Believe me. Don't chance this. Check out reviews from or ask people who have been there. You'll find yourself plied with stories about stray cats that pee on your floor and wake up on your face and beds covered with mold and rotted wood. There isn't a single good word to be had about budget accommodation in Venice. It's like a conspiracy or a plague or something.

So. your best best is to splurge. You could go extreme (two travelers I met, who had the cat experience, moved out of the hostel and into a Best Western holiday rental the next day) or you can stay within your budget and stay at the charming Hotel Bernardi Semenzato Venezia.

The hotel is located just off of the vaperetto stop Ca D'Oro making it a quick journey from the train station (crucial when you're packed onto one of those water taxis in stifling humidity, with a heavy pack and with tons of other confused tourists). It's also near shops, cafes and restaurants, with the Rialto Steps a few minutes away and St. Mark's Square a 15 min walk (give or take the number of glass shops you detour into).

The hotel is run by friendly and helpful staff, they serve a free breakfast every morning and the bathrooms are clean. I paid for a single room for about 35 Euros, but received one with two single beds and a handy sink. Prices have gone up since I visited last June, but singles should be between 30-40 Euros and doubles for 40-60 Euros.

Hotel Bernardi Semenzato Venezia. SS.apostoli, 4363-66, 30121 Venice, Italy.
Tel.(041) 52.27.257 Fax (041) 52.22.424. Email:

The view from my room fulfilled all my Italian stereotypes

The paperweight of a hotel key outside St. Marks Square

The nearest vaperetto stop, Ca D'Oro

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Anonymous Karinaxoxo wanderlusted...

Hey - I love love your blog... I'm moving to London in Feb (from Australia) so any advice on europe I can get is awesome :-)

3:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous wanderlusted...

I so agree about splurging when you go to Venice. Four of my girlfriends and I stayed at a really incredibly nice hostel on a small canal in Venice. It may actually be the best hostel (better than most hotels even) I've ever stayed in. I think it ended up being $12 a night each. Not bad. The only downside was that the curfew was at 12 am.

3:51 PM  
Blogger Wanderlusting wanderlusted...

Karina - I'm going to the UK and France over the Xmas holidays so I'll keep an eye out on things for ya!

Jer - ooh that sounds lovely (and cheap)! For the life of me, the only acceptable hostels were on the outskirts of Venice. You must tell me the name, it sounds awesome.

3:53 PM  

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