Monday, August 10, 2009

A most famous landmark

I'm tired. I have my reasons. I hope to not be so tired one day but until then I apologize for being slack with this blog - and my other blog (WHICH BTW, I am having ANOTHER GIVEAWAY! Please click here to enter :)

Until I get in the blogging spirit though, I shall leave you with a simple post about a not so simple thing: La Tour Eiffel.

Though it's been documented and photographed to death, there is nothing so inherintly photogenic, so completley iconic as the Eiffel Tower.

Because of it's symbolism, it's cultural embodiment, it's world wide recognition, when you finally do see the tower up close and personal, you feel like you've been there before. Yet at the same time there is a magnetism and mystery that draws you to it and pushes it beyond being just another famous building.

Yes, France's most famous landmark (and Freudian phallic symbol) is everything you expect it to be (if not maybe a bit smaller than you had thought). It is the one thing that, upon viewing with your own eyes as you stand on the Champ de Mars or Trocedero, makes you say "I guess this would be Paris."

Behold La Tour Eifell in all it's glory, at night and day, in summer and winter, these are my favouite photos that I have taken of this enchanting beacon:

For history and more information than I could possibly type up, visit here.

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Anonymous Anonymous wanderlusted...

yes yes yes.. the "telecom tower" but Aberdeen! Now there is a destination!
Has to be the greyest town in the world. Grey buildings, grey sky, grey streets, grey ocean.

BUT A fantastic way to get to Shetland... where is spent a lot of time! ;o)...

3:32 AM  
Anonymous Karina wanderlusted...

awww there has been an TV add on in Aus something about turning a small thing into something big and it said something about how the effiel tower started as a telecome tower or something and was meant to be knocked down. glad they didnt!!!!

5:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous wanderlusted...

karina you are right.. it was just for one show.. like you I am glad they did not.. the "iron lady" with her lights is stunning...

12:51 AM  
Blogger Markbnj wanderlusted...

Oh I love my version of the Iron Lady.

the Wrebbit 3d version of it.... I'm on my second copy of this puzzle

Of course the Shitheads at hasbro FINALLY bought wrebbit (the company that makes them)

and now is DISCONTINUING the entire puzz-3d line)

So why did they buy it if they wanted to only sell it, buch of a'holes!

Here's a nifty link to the eiffel tower version...


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11:41 PM  
Blogger Aya Smith wanderlusted...

Wow, these pictures are so breathtaking... I think they are even more beautiful together as well!

2:16 PM  

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