Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fraser Island, Australia

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OKaaaay. Bit of a deviation from New Zealand as you and I both know that Australia and New Zealand could not be more different. However, I can't access my NZ pics today (will do so on the weekend) so I thought that at least the two countries are more or less near each other and won't really take away from "New Zealand Month." Even if it does...tough titties.

Pardon the scanned photographs but these were taken before I possesed a digital camera (or really knew anyone that HAD one), back in the day that I was 18/19 years old. It's from my photo album...glad I included captions. These aren't even half of the gorgeous, cool pics I took that day but to be honest I have so many photos all over the place, this will have to do!

Fraser Island is one of the places you MUST go when you visit Australia and judging by the popularity, it seems everyone heeds that call. In fact, I don't know many backpackers who don't go to Fraser Island. Right of passage, you see. Plus it's a designated World Heritage Site for its awesomeness.

Fraser Island is a large sand dune of an island, accessible by passenger ferry outside the nondescript town of Hervey Bay. The whole island is, yes, sand and while there are no roads, those who rent 4x4 vehicles can have a hell of a fun time navigating and camping throughout the island.

I, however, was traveling alone (as I usually do) and couldn't muster up enough strangers to do it independently so I went with a backpacker's tour group...and was glad I did.

Kingfisher Tours does a wonderful job, hosting backpackers in its cramped but clean dorms and treating them to wonderful dinners and lunches each day in its resort (oh and booze and partying). During the day, expeditions are lead out on a huge 4x4 bus.

What can you expect on Fraser Island?



*More Lakes (including Lake MacKenzie, so clear and freshwater that you can stare straight down to the bottom...amazing)

*Goanna lizards

*Dingoes (for realz)

*Sand dunes (where you go sandboarding INTO Lake Wabby)


*Kookaburas (evil things)

*wild horses (didn't see any)

*Champagne pools

*Tiger sharks


*Rain - just kidding, of course it DID rain almost the entire time we were there. Ah, me and my luck!

Dingoes do eat babies

Goanna Lizards are mighty cool, and nosy!

Most awesome lake ever

Sand boarding, in the rain, down into this lake

Lost in the dunes

Back at the bar

Many storms on Fraser Islands many beaches

More dingoes

Heaven....which is why I look so cracked out

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Anonymous bryna wanderlusted...

nice pics. love fraser island.

6:34 AM  
Blogger Allegra wanderlusted...

absolutely lovely!!

12:57 PM  
Blogger hannahlizabeth wanderlusted...

this is such a cool idea for a blog! fraser island looks lovely, i haven't heard much about it before.

i'm glad to hear you love NZ!


1:52 PM  
Blogger Eden wanderlusted...

another fabulous vacay! i so love your travel pictures. i plan to visit AU real soon... i should seriously remember this!


7:26 PM  
Blogger Runaway Gallery wanderlusted...

beautiful photos

8:51 PM  
Anonymous Brian wanderlusted...

Australia is a really great destination for vacation..Lovely photos..:D

9:05 AM  
Anonymous Steven wanderlusted...

When my friends and I were given an Australian visa, we were able to enjoy Fraser island for a few days. I have to say that it is a very exciting place to be at specially if you are with your friends. The place offers a lot of adventure and the stay actually made me feel like a cowboy myself. I hope to visit it with my friends again soon.

6:40 PM  

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