Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fraser Island - PART II

Why MORE Fraser Island? Well, because as I just found a lot more photographs that might do more justice to the place than the ones in the previous post ;) Anyway, if you haven't read the post before this, I suggest you do so now, just so you get a sense of things :) - CLICK ON PICS TO ENLARGE

A better look at the beach, which is surrounded by....

Red cliffs...

and shipwrecks....

Time for sand-boarding!!

...afterwards, rinse off the sand in tide pools of water - called champagne pools - which are a warm alternative to swimming in the open ocean - not only would the rough rip tides get you, but there is a very large quantity of Tiger Sharks patrolling the area...we could even see them from the beach!

Of course, you can always combine sandboarding WITH swimming at Lake Wabby

Then explore nearby creeks, such as Eli Creek where you can walk to one point and then float all the way down

Or just go to a normal lake - preferably when it's sunny out

There's always the pool at the Kingfisher Resort, don't forget...

Afterwards, you hope back on that 4X4 bus -

- to see tall trees

- and Kookaburas (who WILL steal your sanwhich out of your hand, btw)

-as well as more Goana lizards

Then it's time for nightlife at the hotel

Before you leave by ferry the next day...

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Blogger katie d wanderlusted...

ooooh I love your blog!!


10:05 PM  
Blogger Alex Dom wanderlusted...

looks like fun!!! and gorg scenery!!

5:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous wanderlusted...

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Anonymous virginia bed and breakfast wanderlusted...

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6:17 AM  
Anonymous zakynthos villas wanderlusted...

yeah this was a wonderful place,i also had been there for the last year christmas,..the beech was the only place i spent more time ...
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9:45 AM  

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