Tuesday, November 21, 2006

When in Cabo San Lucas....on water

When staying in Cabo whilst on a boat, you have several options. One is to stay at the Marina, where all the fancy boats and fishing yachts are kept....

However, these slips (places you dock your boat) costs about $150USD a night! For that price, you might as well check into a fancy hotel.

So in order to save money, our boat is kept anchored offshore. Now I bet that sounds really nice and peaceful, to only have the gentle rocking of the boat and the sounds of the waves lapping the shore. Only it's the complete opposite of that. Just watch this video I took and you'll see what I mean.

Our boat is directly across from all the Beach Bars where the partying goes from 7 AM till 3 AM. There is always the hoots and hollers of drunk frat boys and sloshed girls, plus the MC who gives away buckets of beer if you show him "the twins." And believe me he is loud! You can hear him in the video trying to convince a girl from Vancouver (NOT me) to get down and dirrty.

What's even more fun is the fact that we have binoculars and can see the whole thing. My dad saw a couple of amateur lapdances the other night.

The other thing about being anchored is that there is SO much traffic on the sea. Our neighbours are huge cruisehips...

Or Tiger Woods' yacht (I kid you not)

Fishing boats ...

And waverunners piloted by drunk Americans who will do laps around your boat, causing enough wake to make you seasick.

Only at night does it calm down enough to ponder the good life...

...and take a much-needed siesta.

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Blogger simon wanderlusted...

seems that you have viking blood...to be cruiseing on a boat like that!

top spot.

2:50 PM  
Blogger simon wanderlusted...

ps.. when my boat grows up it wants to be a 50fter.. ( its a b-line kayak)

2:51 PM  
Blogger almost famous kiwi wanderlusted...

I have a little boat that I put in the bath with me, sometimes it sinks the rubber ducky, fun times. Karina, when are you going to take me on the boat? like actually take me out? I've never been out on a sail boat and it happens that my best friend has one! Now don't let distance get in the way, just sail on over here, all the way down the pacific, across the bottom of South America and up the Atlantic, easy!

6:58 PM  
Blogger Scorpy wanderlusted...

I'm very jealous...greta shots btw. You should get the best put up on 'love revealed' :)

4:04 PM  
Blogger Traveling Chica wanderlusted...

These are gorgeous. I agree with Scorpy.

1:06 PM  

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