Friday, February 08, 2008

Weekly Travel Photo #2

This is the train to Toulouse. It wasn't my destination or anything (though upon arrival I saw it could have been worth a day or two) but was instead just a switching point for my train to Carcassone.

This picture signifies so much. First of all, I don't look like a fat, bloated whale in it - I actually looked good. Don't laugh, I was heavy at the time and concious of this in all my pictures. I like my makeup, I can even remember what exactly I used. That cardigan was from Suzy Shier and it served me so well during those backpacking months. The bracelet I picked up from Las Ramblas in Barcelona, a week before.

This picture also embodies how I spent half of my trip. On the train - which I love by the way - and looking forward to my next destination. Don't get me started about when you have to watch the scenery go by backwards. Ugh.

But I also love my private space, and this photo was actually taken on a self-timer. Which meant that I had the entire train section to myself which, never, ever happens, especially at the start of Summer. But it did and I was able to put up my feet, relax and reflect on where I had just been (Biarritz) and where I was going next.

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Blogger Alisha wanderlusted...

That's a really great photo! Great composition for a self-portrait and I love your reflection in the window. Toulouse was lovely, definitely worth a stop next time!

1:22 PM  
Blogger Brian in Mpls wanderlusted...

I wish I was there too..

12:19 PM  

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