Monday, January 22, 2007

Off to an island somewhere...

Sorry for my lack of attention to this particular blog as of late.

Aside from the New Zealand narrative which I just chucked in on Thursday night because I felt I needed to put something in here, even though I wrote the piece for a travel compilation book ages ago, it's a sad fact that I have been neglecting my Travel Tales.

Well, I'm sorry. Writing about Scottish Castles took the wind out of me...three informative posts at once, what else do you want?

Nonetheless, I feel I must inform you that I am going away tomorrow to an island (Galiano Island in the Gulf Islands, to be more specific) for some much needed R and R. That's right, no internet, no cell phones, nothing but the will to write, walk, write and read. And write!

When I return on Friday though, you can expect one of the following posts: A Quick Retreat on Galiano Island; Shopping for Toiletries in Europe (best shampoo...s...ever!); A Photo Journey Through Lyon; Exploring Norway's Forgotten Fjord; How to Travel With Your SO; or Discovering Edinburgh.

Why not let me know which post you would like to see next?

I promises I'll return refreshed and raring to go!

Au Revoir


(PS - if craving some armchair travel, check out my previous posts links to the right, organized by country)

4 said they wanna go too:

Blogger Memphis Steve wanderlusted...

I just want to know everything you can tell me about New Zealand. I'd LOVE to go there some day.

12:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous wanderlusted...

do not despair! I know your other blog gets bigger "hits" but this is a great blog! Norfin etc.. Hope I make sense! this one is the best

Simon :o)

1:53 AM  
Blogger Becslifeonline wanderlusted...

Looking forward to those blogs... all of them ha ha. Until I am free from this tight grasp of "life as a postgrad student" and can travel and collect tales for myself, I'll enjoy reading the adventures of others. :-)

10:09 AM  
Blogger Heart Of Darkness wanderlusted...

Not one bit jealous. Nope, not ONE bit....!

Actually, a whole bag of bits, but what the he... right? :)

Love to read the experiences of another travel-lover! I have my passport with me at any time, you know, in case I need to skip the country... LOL

Actually, I'm just planning my next trip abroad, and can't really decide where to go. I was thinking about Scottland, but something pulls me in the direction of Japan... well, guess the size of my valet by the time-of-departure will have to decide! ;)

Keep us posted!(oh, and if you'd ever come to Sweden, let me know - I'll guide you through the good, the bad AND the ugly! ;) And there's plenty of all three to see... LOL)

12:58 PM  

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