Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Weekly Travel Photo #3

These are my cousins Christian and Arvid, as well as Arvid's fiance Christine. The dog in the shadows is Knutten.

This is Todalen, Norway, where my father grew up. We are sitting on patio of the old boathouse which has now been renovated into a vibrant red, Scandanavian guesthouse. The water that laps the shore is part of the fjord that reaches from the wild west coast of the country down to Todalen where it slowly dies.

This picture makes me feel so at peace. I was spending a few days in Todalen, in the house where my father grew up. My cousins were all out in full force, eager to spend time with me, which I greatly appreciated considering I never see them (being in Norway and all). I was also alone and older than in previous visits, so it was a real nice chance to actually get to know these people, my family I forget about.

This must be around 10 in the morning. I know we are about to go for a boat ride up the fjord (dog included). It is May and though the trees are pretty bare, and snow still covers the lowest of peaks, the grass is blindingly green, the birds are singing and the sun is as warm as it could be. I can see Arvid is drinking coffee and I want some. There is something terribly delicious and memorable about drinking coffee in other countries. Maybe it's the brewing methods, the water used, the grains, or the fact that someone other than me has made it...but I know that sipping it under a foreign sun changes it's context immensely. It's almost...romantic in nature and suddenly I miss sitting in the morning sun, sipping something delicious and knowing that I am far away from the world I know so well.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Weekly Travel Photo #2

This is the train to Toulouse. It wasn't my destination or anything (though upon arrival I saw it could have been worth a day or two) but was instead just a switching point for my train to Carcassone.

This picture signifies so much. First of all, I don't look like a fat, bloated whale in it - I actually looked good. Don't laugh, I was heavy at the time and concious of this in all my pictures. I like my makeup, I can even remember what exactly I used. That cardigan was from Suzy Shier and it served me so well during those backpacking months. The bracelet I picked up from Las Ramblas in Barcelona, a week before.

This picture also embodies how I spent half of my trip. On the train - which I love by the way - and looking forward to my next destination. Don't get me started about when you have to watch the scenery go by backwards. Ugh.

But I also love my private space, and this photo was actually taken on a self-timer. Which meant that I had the entire train section to myself which, never, ever happens, especially at the start of Summer. But it did and I was able to put up my feet, relax and reflect on where I had just been (Biarritz) and where I was going next.