Monday, January 29, 2007

Five More Things

I was recently tagged (I think) by Karina XOXO (yes, I am mentioning her again...can't help it, I just love her name so much!) to do a five things about myself. Now it might have been for another Karina and I already did a five things, which you can read on my other blog here, but I decided, hey, why not do a Travel-Oriented Five Random Things About Me anyway?

Voila, C'est Moi:

1. I've lived in Canada all my life but have never seen any of it aside from a "small portion" of my own province (BC). This is because A) I think BC is the best, the most beautiful etc, so why would I go elsewhere ?(aside from maybe Alberta) B) The rest of Canada is boring to me and C) the "small portion" consists of a 5 hour drive north and a 5 hour drive south...My province, and Canada, are big motherfuckers! Why travel for that long or far when I can go somewhere else, like California or Hawaii or Mexico, for the same amount of time? Besides, I'll always be Canadian...and the country will wait for me.

2. I took my first backpacking journey alone to Australia when I was 18 (the start of my wanderlust) but for the love of God I can't remember what my reasons were for doing it.

3. I was supposed to go see Milford Sound when I was in New Zealand but the bus never picked me up in the morning. I was gutted as it was my last chance and cried for awhile (it was 6 AM and I was tired). Instead, I went horse-back riding in nearby Glenorchy which was so beautiful it almost made up for it.

4. I got lost in the Frankfurt Airport when I was 8. Ok, I wasn't lost...I knew where I was but my parents did not. I was missing for several hours, during this time I was holed up in a toy store and happily playing with Playmobil toys. You can see where my independence stems from...

5. I've never flown first or business class. I think this is very sad indeed.

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8 said they wanna go too:

Blogger surfercam wanderlusted...

I too have travelled heaps and lived all over the world.
With regards to your point 5, don't fly Business or First - it just makes flying down the back of the plane even more depressing!

9:18 PM  
Blogger Dan wanderlusted...

with so much traveling, no frequent flier upgrades to first class? meh... the only time i've flown first class was SF to Phoenix. not so much fun.

9:56 PM  
Blogger Peter DeWolf wanderlusted...

Re: #1 -- Come on, Cape Breton, N.S. is the coolest place in Canada. ;)

7:55 AM  
Blogger simon wanderlusted...

No.2 Does that mean you did not like Australia?

No. 5 Try business class. Its great.

1:46 PM  
Blogger Wanderlusting wanderlusted...

I would fly business or first class if I could, but I just can't afford it. I'm lucky I get to travel as much as I do and the only reason that happens is because I fly coach and usually seek out the most miserable (aka cheap) flight.

As for OZ, I had a great time in Australia but despite all the extra time I spent over NZ, NZ just blew me away. With OZ I pretty much knew what to expect but NZ was just such a gorgeous surprise! The people I met there were friendlier and it was easier (aka shorter) to get around.

With Australia, though I was charmed by Melbourne (liked it more than Sydney...and I like Sydney a lot, specially Glebe), and fell in loved with The Great Ocean Road, the whole east coast was kind of a blur. Nothing really stood out save Great Keppel Island...until the last month which I spent in Northern Territory! I had the greatest time and wish that I could have scrapped the whole east coast (am so NOT a Beach Bunny) and had more time there.

Good Lord this is a long comment.

3:45 PM  
Blogger Wanderlusting wanderlusted...

Oh and I should also mention that Fraser Island was awesome as well...but yah, the rest of the east coast of OZ was just one beach after another and I wanted something more.

3:46 PM  
Blogger Shabby in the City wanderlusted...

The only reason I flew 1st was that I was an airline employee...not I'm not and coach stinks on ice. I like having some leg coach, especially the bulkhead I get ingrown toenails sitting there. In 1st...I love the warm lemon scented wash cloth handed to you with tongs.

4:28 PM  
Anonymous Karina wanderlusted...

I totally agree about Oz. I love it lots but I think NZL is sooo much prettier!!!

7:55 PM  

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